March 20, 2010

Glowbal Grill & Satay Bar

Glowbal Grill & Satay Bar is one of those hip Vancouver hotspots, located in the heart of Yaletown. It's been made particularly famous due to numerous celebrity patrons - the cast of the Twilight movie series, for example (I've never actually read/seen Twilight but from what I understand RPattz is quite the teen idol). Unfortunately on my visit, there were no celebrity sightings but I was nonetheless satified by the yummy yummy food.

Glowbal counts amongst its specialties a wide array of satays, so naturally it was fitting for me to try the Chef's Selection platter for $25. This included: lamb chop, king mushroom, sea scallop, ahi tuna, tiger prawn, coconut chicken, kobe meatball, shortrib, and wild salmon along with 3 dipping sauces. My favourite satay was the kobe meatball, followed close behind by the wild salmon. I didn't really care for the dipping sauces but the satays are so flavourful that you don't need them anyway.

For my main I selected the roasted half chicken ($21) which came on a bed of mashed potatoes and seasonal veggies. The chicken was delicious and the mashed potatoes were even better.

The ambiance of the restaurant is okay, with seating inside and a small patio area outside. Service was pretty good. This place is on the pricier side but I think justifiable for a special night out.

Address: 1079 Mainland Street, Vancouver, BC


  1. That looks so delicious!! Seafood is my favourite.

  2. Man that chicken looks amazing!


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